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Difference between bulk sms and general mobile sms

Bulk SMS is basically an advertisement medium. It is used to send messages to multiple mobile consumers through internet. If you send SMS on mobile phone charges is very high especially when you sending multiple SMS. Bulk SMS is fast & effective marketing tool where companies send own single promotional message to many consumers or individuals at a same time. Many enterprises used Bulk SMS service for promoting their products because it available at affordable rates. The advantages of Bulk SMS are cheaper, time shaving, quick delivery of messages and quick response from recipients. Enterprises preferred Bulk SMS service for promotions, mass campaigning etc because it is the necessity of all business.

Bulk SMS is more effective from General Mobile SMS. You can use Bulk SMS to send thousands of SMS at a same time at very low and affordable price but this facility is not available in general Mobile SMS. In general Mobile SMS, you can send one message at a time, when you send multiple messages it is time consuming and very costly. Mobile SMS generally used for little bit of communication among people but it does not used as Promotional SMS. Bulk SMS provide many features such as you can directly upload excel sheet having mobile number, contact from word file, text file etc. Bulk SMS has several types example, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Voice SMS, Bulk email, Mobile data base etc. It is also used in personal life and activity example- wedding invitation, birthday invitation, meeting notification, ring ceremony, award ceremony etc. Transactional SMS gives special advantages to send SMS on both DND and NON DND mobile numbers. Example- credit card operation, banking, e- shopping etc. Promotional SMS is the best tool for sales, promotions and marketing of any product. In Voice SMS you can share information and emotions with your voice. It is simple and effective for both literate and illiterate peoples. You can added human touch in your messages and it is simple to understand for illiterate persons. Bulk SMS enables industries to communicate with their consumers anytime, anywhere. In Bulk SMS service No connection, maintenance, any hidden fees and its easy, secure, flexible and reliable. Bulk email is used to alert job seekers, informing customers of special offers, update of bank balance, informing students of result and due fees, alerting members of hot event, sending ringtones. You can use the Bulk SMS to handle relationship with your customers professionally, you can use this service to remind your dues, you can use all those numbers you have been collecting every time for the purpose of business or promotions, you can send alert or invitation for quiz, contest etc and many more uses of Bulk SMS in these days. It is an important and major part of sales & marketing because each business needs huge marketing and promotions to grow. Today Marketing, Promotions, mass campaigning etc is necessity of business but these are very expansive. Every enterprises wants to reach more customers at low and affordable price and this is the reason enterprises only prefers Bulk SMS service. Mobile SMS is also a form of SMS but it does not give advantages and features at low rate while Bulk SMS is given many more special features.

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