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Advantage of voice sms over text sms

Voice SMS is very effective communication system than Text messaging. Today many people wants to save own time because every person busy in own life style. Voice SMS is a great tool for fastest advertising, communication and marketing. If you want conducted a meeting and any information send to others then Voice SMS is the best opinion. You can record a message with your voice and send multiple people simultaneously. Voice SMS is an effective tool for both literate and illiterate peoples because it is easily understand by all. Voice SMS also help to emerge your business. You can share information or updates to your customers with emotion and a human touch.

With the help of Voice SMS, you can promote any product and send SMS with own pre recorded voice without call personally. Voice SMS helps to reach your voice to bulk of people. The Voice SMS technology is automated service. Voice SMS has an attractive feature to increase demands and revenue from the consumers. Today various tool of advertising available in market like TV, Radio, newspaper etc but Voice SMS has maximum specialities and wide range market. On the other hand Text SMS is also an effective channel but it is used and understands by literate person only. It is the major disadvantages of Text SMS but Voice SMS is provides mid way or effective way of communication for literate and illiterate people.

Voice SMS is a fastest way of communication because listening is more effective and fastest medium than reading. Voice SMS is easily sending by any people. If you want to send Voice SMS, you just talk or record own voice and click the send button only. Voice SMS has an additional advantage over Text SMS. In the text messaging services, you can send message with multiple languages but many mobile does not support all languages and this is the reason to create a new problem. Text messaging is worthless for illiterate people. Voice SMS is the best way of communication for example- you need communicate to your staff or friends then you can direct live conversation with your consumers, friends etc.

Voice SMS is displays your emotions within message. Voice SMS has various advantages like it works on all mobile phone, reach to huge mass of people, automated system, easy to understand by all etc and many more facilities. Disadvantages of Text SMS like it doesn’t work on all mobile phone, not understand by illiterate people etc. In Voice SMS no restriction for alphabets and character so increased appeal of these SMS. Voice SMS allows to sends message with multiple languages for all mobile phone. Voice SMS has already proved own importance and necessity in marketing world.

Voice SMS has huge success and it spread rapidly across most areas or different field. Voice SMS is the revolution in services sector. Voice SMS is valuable for sales & service representatives of any company because it’s difficult for representatives to reach every customer quickly. Voice SMS allows you to reach a huge goal in a single shot. Company set the time of sending messages with an automatic control system and send all messages to customers simultaneously. Voice SMS has several advantages such as you can send notification to large number of customers, send congratulation message on occasion with own voice, you can uploaded contact directly from excel spread sheet, you send SMS at all network of India.

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