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Difference between promotional sms and transactional sms

Bulk SMS has two special packages – Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS. These two special packages available in market and it is an effective & fast marketing tool. Each and every company needs promotion for own development & growth. In Transactional SMS, you can send messages on DND mobile numbers. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has introduced a special term called Transaction SMS. This SMS packages used in Banks, ATM details and any other transaction process etc. In this SMS some promotional words are restricted by TRAI. Many companies used Transactional SMS to inform your account status, invoice details, confirmation alerts, bank accounts status and many others personal information or details. Features provided by Transactional SMS are – you can send information on both Non DND and DND mobile numbers, it enables any time (24X7), it gives you six character sender ID etc. you can send only transactional detail or contents but you cannot permissible for promotional content in Transactional SMS.

On the other hand Promotional SMS is only for promotion, sales & marketing, mass campaign and other promotional activities. You can send promo messages on Non DND numbers, instant delivery, automatic DND numbers filtration etc. Promotional SMS is sent with the purpose to marketing and advertisement. Promotional SMS are very useful for new emerging company because it is an effective and fast promotional tool and available at very low cost. Some special features of Promotional SMS are –DND numbers extracted automatically from list, instant delivery and 100 % delivery guarantee, money back guaranteed etc. TRAI declare the some rules for Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

For Promotional SMS
• In any message contains promoting contents then it considered as Promotional SMS.
• Promotional SMS do not deliver to DND mobile numbers.
For Transactional SMS
• This message is used only in the form of service message like railway reservation, bank account details, ATM transaction details etc.
• It is used to send only for personal and confidential information’s by organisation like bank, railway, e- commerce etc.
• Transactional message is send by transactional account and its called sender ID.
• No time limit for sending SMS.

Promotional SMS is one of the promotional tool that are used for promote or selling any product or services and these SMS are cannot delivered on DND (do not disturb ) registered numbers. Transactional SMS are those SMS which are used to send important or necessary information for user. For example- user get information about bank account details by bank, company send invoice details for own customers etc.

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