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What is bulk SMS or bulk SMS Gateway? Why businesses use bulk SMS services for promotional or transactional communication with clients.

‘Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk messaging service’ refers to businesses sending SMS to one or more recipients via bulk SMS service providers such as BulksSMS. Bulk SMS can reach up to millions of recipients through bulk sms broadcast for promotional and transactional content. Alternatively, bulk SMS can can also be used for sending single sms to customers like OTP sms, Credit card transaction sms, ATM transaction sms etc . Both these activity can be carried out easily through bulk sms service provider with lot of features like sms scheduling, sending sms in regional languages, Hindi sms, Easily tracking sms campaign reports. Bulk SMS service is used by SME small and medium enterprise , global enterprises, web developers, educational institutes like school & colleges, NGOs and government organization, Gas agency, Car showroom, Garments Retail shops, Jewellery Shops for product promotions, informational communications, transactional alerts, order updates, reminders, feedback etc for bulk sms service.

What is the difference between Promotional SMS, Service SMS OR Transactional SMS?

As per TRAI commercial communication preferences 2018, text bulk sms is classified into 3 category. Details are as listed below.

Difference between : Promotional bulk SMS - Service bulk SMS - Transactional bulk SMS

Promotional SMS Service Implicit SMS Service Explicit SMS Transactional SMS
Promotional bulk sms is used for sending discount offers and Marketing sms to new or existing customers Service Implicit SMS is used to send OTP SMS, transactional Alerts, Informational SMS to your registered customers. These should not be used for marketing. Service Explicit SMS are used to send offers, discounts, marketing sms or updates regarding services to only existing customers. It Should not be sent to New Customers Transactional SMS can only be used by Banks to send OTP and Transactional Alerts.
Promotional messages will be delivered to only NON DND recipients. SMS credit deducted only for NON DND Mobile numbers. Service Implicit SMS will be delivered to all recipients DND and NON DND Mobile numbers Service Explicit SMS will be delivered to customers who have given permission to receive SMS from your business in written form Or through customer consent. Transactional SMS will be delivered to all DND and NON DND Mobile numbers.
Promotional bulk SMS sent between 10 AM and 9 PM Only. Service Implicit SMS can be sent 24x7. There is no time restriction in this route. Service Explicit SMS can be sent 24x7. There is no time restriction in this route Transactional SMS can be sent 24x7. There is no time restriction in this route
Promotional bulk SMS delivered with a numeric Header / Sender id. Alphabetic sender id is not allowed for Promotional SMS. Service Implicit SMS sent through 6-character alpha Header. It should be approved in DLT platform. Service Explicit SMS can be sent via 6-character alpha Header. It should be approved in DLT platform Transactional SMS can be sent via 6-character alpha Header. It should be approved in DLT platform

Why businesses, NGO, SME, Showroom, Banks etc use bulk SMS service for their businesses?

In today busy lifestyle bulk sms beat all channel of communication as compared to social media. Bulk sms open rate is 90 to 95% & businesses get quick response through bulk sms gateway. While on the other hand social media open rate is only 10% Bulk sms also viewed by the clients instantly as compared to social media messages.

How BulksSMS is India’s No. 1 bulk SMS service provider?

We offers easy, powerful API , best in class infrastructure & self–management messaging platform with lot of extra features like sms scheduling, Rich media text, live campaign tracking, easy reports, fast upload & maintain contacts with lot of smart bulk sms features. We also provide fast free SMS APIs to integrate SMS with any application/CRM or web application. Our direct connection with multiple telecom service provider gives you hassle free service 24x7.

How to Send bulk SMS online?

Below is the steps to send bulk sms online using BulksSMS platform.
1. Create your account with BulksSMS free
2. Purchase SMS credits
3. Add or upload contacts OR you can directly copy paste contacts from Excel sheet.
4. Compose your sms content in English or any other regional language.
5. Track bulk sms campaign real-time delivery reports and advanced campaign reports.

What is the cost of bulk SMS Service?

Our bulk SMS service and software are completely free to use, you have to pay only for the texts that you send. You can buy bulk SMS credits online and use these credits to send both promotional and transactional sms. 1sms credit = 1sms. Bulk sms in English allowed 160 characters including space and Bulk sms in regional language allowed 70 characters including space.
Beware of low cost bulk sms service provided by some sms provider by compromising their service through low delivery ratio and fake sms delivery reports.

How to send WhatsApp sms through API?

We provide Whatsapp sms that can be integrated through API’s in your web application or software. Whatsapp sms will deliver from your own whatsapp activated mobile number. Whatsapp plays an important role in digital communication worldwide. Here users receive messages & send reply instantly within seconds. It’s a two way communication.

How to Receive SMS online?

Using our Short code and Long code features you can receive sms online in our sms portal. You can check incoming sms report & download in excel format from our portal. Miss call services also give you one more option to receive lead online.

What is a WhatsApp Business API or Whatsapp API ?

Whatsapp business api is owned by Facebook company and can be used by SMBs to send whatsapp sms to customers in more than 180 countries. It is easy to send text and rich media through whatsapp messages.

In addition to text, what multimedia files, we can send through Whatsapp messages?

In addition to text you can send images, video, audio, pdf and documents files easily through whatsapp messages.

How to get Whatsapp API service?

Businesses can not directly download Whatsapp API. To use the WhatsApp API for their business, they need to go through a Business Solution Provider (BSP) like us.

Does WhatsApp Business API is free?

Unlike Whatsapp business App is free to download from Play Store, but Whatsapp business API is not Free. It is charged service.

Does We charge to get Green Tick (Official WhatsApp Business Account)?

Getting a green tick for each businesses is a separate process, We does not charge anything additional for it. Please note that very few businesses meet WhatsApp official business account criteria for Green tick, refer to this article:

How to send WhatsApp sms through API?

We provide Whatsapp sms that can be integrated through API’s in your web application or software. Whatsapp sms will deliver from your own whatsapp activated mobile number. Whatsapp plays an important role in digital communication worldwide. Here users receive messages & send reply instantly within seconds. It’s a two way communication.

Does We can send promotional messages through WhatsApp SMS?

Yes you can send promotional offers messages to your customers through Whatsapp SMS service.

What is google rcs messaging?

Google Rich communication service is a text-based protocol and communication platform for sending much more engaging and interactive content with rich features and functionality. With this communication platform we can send images, catalogue, chat features, ready to call facility and able to send hyperlink.

What is the Security features of Rcs Messages?

Google RCS messages verify the sender and provide a verification badge. RCS is a google verified messaging service, and it supports end-to-end encryption communication features that adds an extra layer of security for chatting.

What are the features of rcs that makes it different from normal operator sms service?

RCS is more interactive than normal operator SMS service, from this communication platform you can share high-resolution images, videos and other types of files.

Why should a company and big business brand have found rcs more helpful?

RCS provide a rich-featured communication platform for customers. The functionality and look of this app are similar to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger chat apps. Companies and big brands trust RCS interactive features for better customer experience and customer satisfaction. As the RCS messages send by sender is google verified with its brand name, logo & all details with google verification badge, this features make customer trustful environment and they instantly respond to those messages.

Does rcs message work over wi-fi, or operator carrier availability required?

Google introduced RCS messaging system platform and now available over mobile carriers. It is a default messaging app in almost all android phones nowadays, and your messages will be sent over Wi-Fi or mobile data. It’s a amazing fact that you can also send text messages even if the mobile network is not available, with the help for local wi-fi network or other data services.

What does it cost to use rcs and how we can use this for your business?

It is a very cost-effective messaging system introduced by google. Contact our sales team at 777 996 0002 for rcs messing cost & activation for your business promotion.

What makes rcs messages unique and trustful as compared to carrier operators sms service?

With text content, RCS messages allows users to send multimedia files such as high quality pictures, video, location data, pdf files and other functionalities. Customers can make UPI payment to link available with this messages, as these type of messages is send by google verified sender. Some companies are using these rcs messages to collect their due payment.

Can i send an rcs message to anyone or there is any limitation?

You can send RCS messages with the help of RCS API to anyone with an RCS-enabled handset on a supported carrier operator.

What is the future of rcs messages and does used commonly in future as currently carrier operators sms are used?

We expect that RCS messages will be expanded to more mobile carrier. Also use of rich content in businesses can help to increase more engagement with the users. In near future RCS messages will plays an important role in short messaging service and most of the companies and business brand like to use this rich communication services. It cannot completely replace carrier sms facility due to its limitation of android support and some programming language compatibility.

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